IMG_7964The Collective 360 had the pleasure yesterday to sit in with Jammin KZKO “The Vibe” radio studio for a talk with Larry Leiber, the host of the popular Tuesdays & Thursdays Reggae Movement Channel. In a comfortable and organized studio run by Operations Manager Ira Goldman, I sat down in the booth at a round table with mic’s and headphones anxious to talk about The Collective 360’s promotions for Sublime with Rome at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Joined by Leah Fay, Co-Owner of KL Media and frequent speaker on Reggae Movement, we enjoyed the first half hour with “old school Reggae” that had a poppin’ jammin’ vibe with a sound from the 80’s. I even danced in my chair a little. Besides discussing The Collective 360’s promotions for Sublime with Rome at Red Rocks and the exciting new opening acts of DESCENDANTS and Iration, Larry got on the topic of how to cure acts of violence. His idea he announced to the world wide internet radio station was “more Reggae more Reggae more Reggae”. But also, more bacon and ice cream for everyone, free, all the time.

It got me thinking how true his statement could be on Reggae, maybe the ice cream too.  New age Reggae is a genre that is definitely growing in the United States. Hundreds of tours traveling around with results of sold out shows is making a difference in today’s music. Reggae shows at Red Rocks have been selling out, but the main reason people attend these shows is to listen to laid back “chill” music with good vibes and peace. Bands bring a new sound with lyrics talking about life, friends, enjoying summer, atmosphere and beaches; instead of acts of violence or money. Its a sound that is growing around the world and people can’t get enough of it. While Red Rocks has ‘Reggae on the Rocks’ remember there is a select few shows they put on, so if you have the chance to go to one, take it! Like Sublime with Rome, enjoy the event at Red Rocks Amphitheater, and push for more Reggae more Reggae more Reggae.

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