Nothing else compares to the sweet flavor of expertly aged Scotch whisky. If your favorite cocktail involves whisky, then you won’t want to miss a free tasting event featuring one of the world’s best spirits. The Macallan distillery is coming to Denver, Colorado this month for an elite tasting event known as “Raise The Macallan.” This event provides an opportunity to learn about the distillation process, the history of The Macallan, and discover the most delicious whisky on the planet.

The Macallan 1824 CollectionRaise the Macallan is arriving in Denver on September 22nd and 23rd. Each day offers multiple evening tasting events for you and your friends to enjoy. This is your chance to sample some historic and professionally-aged whisky while being educated on the distillation process. Sign up for a tasting event now for a unique opportunity to experience the world of The Macallan.

The Macallan Established in 1824For nearly two centuries, The Macallan has prided themselves on distilling the finest golden spirits possible. The distillery was founded by Alexander Reid in 1824. Reid was a barley farmer and school teacher known for distilling barley during the winter season when crops needed little attention. As one of the first legally recognized distilleries in Scotland, The Macallan carved a name for itself early on by opening up trade with other countries.

The Macallan Oak WhiskyFast forward a couple hundred years and the distillery still represents the highest standard of quality Scotch whisky imaginable. The Macallan distillery produces a decent selection of fine Scotch whiskeys in a variety of wood casks which distinctly lends to the unique flavors found in each batch. The Macallan is separated by four main different types of casks: The Macallan Fine Oak, 8 to 30 year bourbon; The Macallan Sherry Oak, 10 to 30 year sherry; The 1824 Collection, select oak and ages; and The Macallan Double cask, 12-year old oak.

the-macallan-logotransparentHead down to the McNichols Civic Center Building — an appropriately historic venue — located at 144 W. Colfax Ave., Denver, Co 80202 for Denver’s Raise The Macallan event. Register for Raise The Macallan at  to secure your spot at this elite Whisky tasting event. Each event lasts just over an hour so be sure to get there on time to enjoy the full experience. We hope to see you at Raise The Macallan!

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