With hemp and cannabis now being used in products ranging from foods to fabrics, as well as having multiple medical and recreational uses, the cannabis industry is now thriving more than ever. And with such a competitive 420RALLYmarket, yield quality, product knowledge, and overall efficiency is what’s setting successful companies apart from the companies that are struggling. With Denver being a lead growing market in this industry, we have been given the luxury of a multitude of resources; from conferences to workshops to even an entire week dedicated to cannabis culture. As 420 Week approaches in Denver, business owners and cannabis enthusiasts are seeking top exhibitions where they can gain the knowledge needed to take their business to the top. One exhibition stands out among the rest, Horticulture 360.

From April 14th-15th, the Denver Mart (East 58th Avenue, Denver, CO) will host Horticulture 360. This event takes a 360 approach to horticulture with exhibitors featuring a vast range of goods, from soils and nutrients, to hoods and lights. Horticulture 360 is also the first show to showcase agriculture, art, science, technology, and business of plant cultivation in the cannabis industry. During this exhibition, attendees will meet national vendors, discover new products, gain fresh knowledge, make more business connections and connect with investors in attendance looking for new big business ventures and partnerships. A wide range of topics will also be covered during the educational speaker sessions from industry leaders. Hundreds of innovative products and new technologies direct from manufacturers will be exhibited, as well as the opportunity to experience the world’s largest high-end glass art exhibition.




With the industry booming, this will be a once a year opportunity to attend the nation’s most diverse trade show where one will find new business opportunities available from top national brands, as well as gain the right connections needed to grow. Horticulture 360 will truly exhibit a whole new world of innovation & opportunity. To discover more information, visit www.horticulture360.com or email info@collective360.com with questions. Horticulture 360’s event schedule can also be found below.

Event Schedule

• Tuesday, April 14 is a private business to business event for qualified buyers only. Not open to the public. Visit http://goo.gl/xOPqEX to register as a qualified buyer.

• Wednesday, April 15 is open to the public. You must be over 18 to purchase tickets to attend. Purchase tickets at http://www.horticulture360.com/public-tickets/.

• Show hours 11am to 6pm

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