Denver Cruisers Ride Costumes

It’s time to pump up those tires and oil those bike chains because another Denver Cruisers Ride season is upon us! For nearly a decade, patrons have participated in one of Denver’s most entertaining and unique past times, and with five new themes in 2015, this year looks to be one of the most exciting years yet. For those unfamiliar with the event, this weekly bicycle ride spans from May to September and attracts over two-thousand people each week. Each week, a theme is scheduled where patrons can dress up to add to the excitement. Past years have seen themes such as “Bubble Wrap, Duct Tape & Cardboard” and “Pirates, Sea Men & Mermaids”. Needless to say, things tend to get a little wild during the Denver Cruisers Ride. Although a costume is not required to attend this free event, it is highly encouraged.

Denver Cruisers Ride AfterpartyThe most important goal of this celebration is to be safe and, most importantly, HAVE FUN! Denver Cruisers Ride organizers have even established 10 commandments to ensure understanding and safety of attendees. CLICK HERE to see these commandments. In addition, to make this past time fun and accessible to all people in the Denver Metro Area, organizers provide multiple starting locations with scenic routes and the same ending point for all to congregate. Lastly, what celebration wouldn’t be complete without an afterparty?! Each week, after the Denver Cruisers ride a local bar is selected as the spot for an eye opening takeover party. The Denver Cruisers ride is definitely a sight to see, and the best part, everyone is welcome to join! See below for ride schedule and themes -or- visit the visit the Denver Cruisers Ride website for more info!

2015 Denver Cruisers Ride Schedule & Themes (Click to enlarge)

Denver Cruisers Ride Schedule & Themes

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