Neff Headwear has just announced that they will be a official “action sports” sponsor at SNOWDOWN 2014!

NEFF is a privately held company based in Ventura, California that markets hats, tees, gloves, and other accessories. Founded in 2002 by Shaun Neff, Neff Headwear products are targeted to the snowboarding, skating, surfing and lifestyle markets. Neff products are sold through various retailers, specialty outlets and online stores including Zumiez.

Other merchandise Neff plans to showcase at SNOWDOWN 2014 includes gloves, outerwear, watches, and more. Their latest collection just released is Jean – Michel Basquiat, a line of stylish designer tees.

Check out a featured Youtube Video, ‘The History of Neff Headwear and Clothing’, here:

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